Redskins Park Update

There's no broken bone. There's just pain and discomfort. But Patrick Ramsey has played with that lately and will continue to do so. The Redskins have termed it a bone bruise in his right foot. At some point he had fractured a bone in that foot, but has no idea when that might have happened. Doctors told him it might have happened in high school for all they know.

What Ramsey knows is that it started bothering him during two-a-days this summer and has recently flared up.

``It's hard to push off on my back foot, it's hard to turn my hips,'' Ramsey said. ``It's hard to turn a lot of things. I'm doing all I can to support it and keep it going.''

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier said, ``I don't know if that's costing him the ability to set up real well or what. He's fidgety with his feet at times. I wish his footwork was more smooth than it has been lately.''

Ramsey said there's no way he'll give the injury the rest it needs. That can wait until after the season.

But Ramsey is loath to make excuses for his play. And he wasn't about to blame his outing Sunday on his foot. Ramsey completed 16 of 35 passes fro 150 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. He finished with a 65.2 quarterback rating, his fifth game out of his last seven in which his single-game rating was less than 70.

Don't forget, however, that Sunday's game at Miami is only his 16th start. The Redskins, though, are pleased.

``You expect more mental mistakes from younger guys,'' assistant quarterbacks coach Noah Brindise said. ``They threw some blitzes at us and he didn't really miss any of them. He knew what defenses they were in every time. Those things are very positive. He just didn't hit the balls he usually hits. Overthrowing someone in the end zone doesn't have anything to do with being a second-year player. That's just consistency.

``I don't know how to [explain his recent struggles]. I wish I could tell you it's because his timing isn't there and his rhythm isn't there. But there are different things that happen every time. You have guys open and he gets hit as he throws. Sometimes Patrick just misses it on his own.''

. . . One clarification from the Carolina game: Ramsey didn't run a quarterback draw on third and goal from the 9-yard line. It just looked that way.

In reality, offensive coordinator Hue Jackson said, the receiver Ramsey was supposed to throw to had run the wrong route. That forced Ramsey to quickly tuck the ball and run.

. . . Spurrier said he'll make a decision later in the week as to who will handle the playcalling duties against the Dolphins. Jackson, of course, has handled that role the past two games.

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