Redskins Report: Ramsey Update

All the coaches expect him to play. The trainer does, too. But Patrick Ramsey isn't so sure anymore. It doesn't help that the pain hasn't subsided as much as he'd like. Nor does it help that he was still limping around Redskins Park today, when he wasn't wearing the protective boot.

``This is something we've dealt with all year, so this is just the worst of it,'' said Ramsey, who did not take any snaps in practice and only lightly threw some light passes in individual drills. ``It's getting better and it's better than it was [Tuesday]. Thus far I've been able to play with it and I don't foresee anything different unless it stays the way it is for the remainder of the week.''

And now there's this: Patrick Ramsey's right foot might eventually require surgery. He wouldn't have it until the offseason, but that might be what's needed to correct whatever's wrong.

X-rays this summer revealed an extra piece of bone in his right foot, which could be congenital or, as is likely the case, part of an old fracture that didn't heal properly. No one seems to know if taking a week off would even help Ramsey. And everyone agrees on this: if he can stand, he will play.

But Ramsey admitted that he has a hard time planting and throwing, as well as avoiding the rush. Considering the pounding he's taken, that's not good news.

. . . The Redskins say Tim Hasselbeck could be an effective starter if needed. We're not sure. Don't forget, he's only been here a month, has little NFL experience and is trying to learn an offense that is supposedly demanding for quarterbacks.

But the Redskins like his intangibles and Hasselbeck understands what his strengths are.

``I've been on five teams and one team twice and I haven't been on those teams because I'm 6-foot-4 and throw the ball 80 yards,'' said the balding 6-foot-2 Hasselbeck. ``I compete and that's what I bring, an element of leadership. That's naturally how I am. I don't know that the guys on offense here have gotten a good taste of what I'm like when I'm in there. I get excited out there. When I step in the huddle and call plays I want guys to listen to me, whether it's in Pop Warner or here. It doesn't matter.''

. . . Yes, the stories are true about the Redskins and their linebackers. If middle backer Jeremiah Trotter's play doesn't improve in the next six weeks, he'd be a strong possibility for a cap cut. The same apparently holds true for Jessie Armstead, though we're not sure why. He's not the problem.

We also heard that the linebackers, as well as coordinator George Edwards, were upset with coach Steve Spurrier when they read this, thinking the leak came from him. But it didn't. That's a front office leak and once the players and coach realized that, all was well again -- at least on that side of the building.

And there's most certainly no rift between LaVar Arrington and Edwards. We're told that Arrington is just angry with a lot of things and is a bit more emotional during games than normal. He actually did a good job carrying out his assignments against the Panthers.

. . .Fullback Rock Cartwright says he'll play, but he's listed as questionable on the injury report with a high ankle sprain. I've yet to see anyone play one week after suffering a high ankle sprain, even if it's mild.

. . . Players have lost confidence in running back Trung Canidate, whose pitter-patter style has cost him. The Redskins say they liked that he ran with more violence Sunday. But the thing is, he never breaks tackles. That's what good backs do.

But Canidate might be the only healthy back remaining Sunday. Ladell Betts said he won't play because of his fractured forearm, which might cause him to miss the following week, too. That leaves Canidate and John Simon.

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