Redskins Report: Ramsey Update

The Redskins still don't know if Patrick Ramsey will start Sunday or not. But coach Steve Spurrier sounded Friday as if he were starting to think Ramsey would not be available.

Spurrier also sounded as if Ramsey would be, at worst, the No. 2 quarterback, which means Gibran Hamdan would stay on the practice squad.

Ramsey did not practice again, participating only in light drills and throwing the ball. He's still hobbled by the bruised bone in his right foot.

Hasselbeck would be making his first NFL start, after joining the Redskins a month ago.

``There's nothing Tim can't do,'' offensive coordinator Hue Jackson said. ``We have to make sure that we understand exactly what it is he can do so we can execute it. He has good leadership skills and understands where others need to be and if a player's not sure, he's able to give them direction and he throws the ball decently.''

Hasselbeck said he has grasped much of the Redskins' offense. But, don't forget, this is an offense that we've heard is hard for quarterbacks to master in less than a year. Let alone one month. Hasselbeck, though, is known for his smarts.

During games this season he's tried to visualize the play being run. And he'll watch the defense and make decisions as if he's in the game.

``You try to get a feel for what's going on,'' he said. ``There's an advantage to going into a game after you've been able to watch for a while rather than being thrown in at the beginning and it hits you kind of fast. . . . I have to be prepared, that's my approach, whether or not Patrick is healthy enough to play the entire game. Whatever the situation is I just need to play. It's like being a relief pitcher in baseball.''

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