Ask Matt Bowen

There's nothing like playing in a Prime Time game. It adds excitement to the week and you know everyone will be watching. You want to play your best game, be aggressive and show up on the screen. That's just having pride in yourself. On to the questions. And thanks to those of you who write just to show your support.

From: Depressed in San Diego
Q: When you look at the defense of the Skins, you see possibly the best posisiton for position players in the league, at least I would put you guys against anyone, what are we lacking? I mean our defense should be dominating even if the offense struggles. By the way I love the way you hit people.. keep swinging the big stick

A: We're on our way. We've got the turnovers now. The last three games we've caused a lot of turnovers. We're playing well on third downs. I'd say we need to be consistent the whole time and that takes hard work. I don't look at personnel; that's when you get into finger-pointing. We play with the guys we've got. We've got six games left, we'll play as hard as we can and try to be a great defense.

From: Unnamed
Q: What are some of the major differences in playing in Green Bay and Washington?

A: I've answered that a few times, but I'll take it from a different view. What was tough about living in Green Bay was that there weren't a lot of good places to eat, but there was always a place for a cheap brat and a cheap beer. And there was no traffic. Here you have great places to eat, you'd better bring your wallet and there's tons of traffic. The fans here are outstanding and the fans in Green Bay are outstanding. You walk into Green Bay and you see Super Bowl trophies and you walk in here and you see Super Bowl trophies. That explains it all.

From: William
Q: How surprised when hit someone as hard as you did Steve Smith and they hang onto the ball?

A: : That happens sometimes. Sometimes the stars are lined up right for some teams. Look at Carolina this year, all those close games they win. It might have to do with horoscopes or tarot cards. But something's going right.

From: Mike K.
Q: When you're facing an offense that has struggled like Miami's, do you lick your chops just a little bit?

A: No because this thing could change so quickly. Teams can go on a four-game skid or four-game run just like that. You have to prepare for their best.

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