In Their Words: Darrell Green

Redskins corner Darrell Green understands the rivalry. He also knows what it's like to play on Monday Night Football. But, after 19 years, Green will play his last game on MNF as well as his last game in Texas Stadium (where he hasn't intercepted a pass since 1986).

Green might enter in a backup's role, but he's still a leader and the main source of perspective in Washington's locker room.

By the way, Green's personal MNF record is 12-14.

''It hasn't struck me yet that it's my last game in Texas, but when I get there I'm sure it will. Just like it did at the Giants game. Each week as I go into each game I take a moment to reflect and it's a great reflection. It's not a sad time, it's a most honored position to be in. The fans around the league have been very nice as well.

''I'd absolutely like a sendoff like Cal Ripken or Tony Gwynn. But not from a personal level. More from the visibility of the foundation and the fundraising. I'm not looking for people to give me gifts and show so much love to Darrell. My focus is bigger than that. I think I'm like anybody else. We all want to be appreciated, but no one owes me anything. But I would love for them in their appreciation to support my work. But I haven't thought much about that on a personal level.

''I remember my first game in Texas. Just the thrill of being a kid and playing in the home state. And no matter how you twist it the Cowboys were, and still are, one of the prestigious teams. So it was a thrill for a little boy to be playing in, regardless of the rivarly. My family was there. Some college classmates were there. We were playing for the marbles. So that was important.

''I think they scored one on me in first quarter but I came back with an interception [Washington won, 31-10]. I wish I could replicate that same energy. But it's a different circumstance now. If we could duplicate that, we'd have to have all the other surrounding issues in place and we don't have them. But I just want to win now. It's more about the team and the season than it is about the rivalry.

''There was absolutely no conflicting emotions about that first game. I was not a Cowboy fan at that time, even in my adult life as a college student I wasn't a Cowboy fan.

''I haven't thought about it being my last Monday Night Football game, either. We haven't been very good on Monday night. My memory is Dallas and Tony Dorsett [in 1983] and we lost.

''When I ran down Dorsett, it took me several years to overcome the tag of a fast guy and not a guy that can cover. I don't want to go out with the old tag. I want to finish with the tag of being a great cover guy. I don't want to chase anyone down. I want the linemen to get him early.

''My memory is Green Bay [in 1983] and we lost. There aren't a lot of great memories on Monday night. But this would be a great one to finish with. Monday night, with Dallas, it doesn't get any better. For me, I'm just trying to get my first win. Obviously the rivalry is part of it. It's like an add-on. But we need the win. I don't care if we're playing Remember the Titans.

''But there have been a lot of great moments in this rivalry. I remember the big play in 1983 when they weren't going to snap the ball on fourth down. Then they snapped it and we stopped them. The greatest play was when I wasn't here, when Darryl Grant scored a touchdown after Dexter Manley sacked the quarterback [in the NFC Championship Game]. Kenny Houston stopping Walt Garrison. The history is there. I can ramble stuff off as a non-player. I'm sure everyone at home can do the same and it's always going to be the same.

''Washington is still here. Dallas is still here. I didn't make the rivalry and I don't own it. It belongs to the people and I think it will be here forever. I guarantee you the ratings will still be great because it is a Dallas-Redskins game. It's an important game for both teams. Every week, every game every year it will be different because of the different circumstances. But the core of it is the Dallas-Washington rivalry is still there.''

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