A Redskins Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving Day, even fans of the 4-7 Redskins have something to be thankful for. Here's our list of what fans should feel good about during this holiday:

. . . Patrick Ramsey's toughness.

. . . Laveranues Coles' presence. And work ethic.

. . . Joe Mendes. Yes, the ex-VP of football operations. Without him, Ramsey would have been elsewhere. He was the one who wanted to draft him and he was the one who prevented his being traded. Don't ever forget that.

. . . Redskins tradition; in this trying season, it means a bunch.

. . . corner Champ Bailey's consistency.

. . . linebacker LaVar Arrington's emotion. Maybe he gets caught out of position, but winning and losing matters to him. Greatly.

. . . right tackle Jon Jansen. The same is true of him. He's had a better year than he's been given credit for, but no one cares more about winning than he does.

. . . John Hall's consistency. He's not the best in the league, but he's solidified the kicking position.

. . . their passion. It makes covering this team interesting. How many other fans would remain so faithful given the past decade of mediocrity?

. . . left tackle Chris Samuels. He's not having his best season and now he's hurt, but he's a valuable commodity to this community.

. . . coach Steve Spurrier. Will it ever work for him in the NFL? Maybe not here. But he's a good, honest man. A bit goofy, perhaps, but a decent guy. And never dull.

. . . the offseason. That's when it gets interesting around here.

. . . the Redskins' Leadership Council. This franchise hasn't generated a lot of goodwill the past five years, but this is one area where they deserve a lot of credit.

. . . Jessie Armstead's wisdom.

. . . the Redskins' alumni. It means something to them to have been part of the Redskins, which is why they've used their standing to participate in charitable causes.

. . . Randy Thomas. An expensive signing, especially at a low-end position, but he's played at a high level most of the year.

. . . Chad Morton's runs. He hasn't broken many long ones on kick returns, but no one's more fun to watch in the open field.

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