Spurrier Says He'll Change

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier didn't want to make a big deal out of remarks he made on his coaches show Monday night. He also reiterated much of what he said: that he needs to become more demanding as a coach. Like he was at the University of Florida.

``I'm not as demanding as I once was,'' Spurrier said, repeating comments he first made on WTEM-AM 980 during his coaches show Monday night. ``I won't change this year, but maybe as we start the next year. I'm trying to be a little more in charge. It's not that big a deal.''

But it's a big enough deal that Spurrier said maybe coaches needed to be more like Bill Parcells, driving players hard.

Some in the organization think it's a bit late for that. One person, when told of Spurrier's remarks, glanced at his watch, looked up and said, ``It's Dec. 2nd.'' In other words, what took so long.

Spurrier's penchant for making threats then not following through has worn thin with some players. But the coach has been handcuffed, and frustrated, by how things are in the NFL.

``Some people you treat nicely and others you have to be, this is how it is,'' Spurrier said. He's also said repeatedly that this is their team, for better or worse. In other words, he can't get rid of a player just because there are other considerations that he didn't have to worry about in college. Like the salary cap. And, in college, you could be tougher on the starters.

``Yeah, he's not as demanding as he used to be in college,'' said Redskins receiver Taylor Jacobs, who played for Spurrier at the University of Florida. ``But he shouldn't have to be. These are grown men. There is stuff you should have to tell college players that you shouldn't have to tell pro players. So he's not as demanding on some people. He's demanding of me because I'm his product. I think he's doing a good job. Whatever he does I'm behind him.'' Just like he was behind him at Florida. And sometimes that behind was getting kicked. ``If someone would do something wrong in college, he'd be all on top of them,'' Jacobs said. ``It makes you a better player in the long run. He paid a whole lot of attention to details in college.''

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