Redskins Report: Wednesday

It's not looking good for Patrick Ramsey. He couldn't even make it through practice without re-aggravating his foot injury, leaving practice early to get X-rays.

Ramsey tweaked his foot while trying to plant and throw Wednesday afternoon. The X-rays were negative and Ramsey said he'll try and practice Thursday.

``He was firing the ball around and looked like he was ready to play,'' Redskins coach Steve Spurrier said. ``Now we'll have to wait until Thursday or Friday.''

Ramsey did not speak with reporters, hurrying off to the White House for a Christmas program -- wearing the protective boot -- said in a taped statement, ``It's a little sore . . . [but] there's no change in what's going on.''

. . . Spurrier said he has been too nice and needs to be more demanding. Some players wonder if it's way too late for him to change. Or, rather, if any change by Spurrier would help the situation.

One player said if Spurrier came to training camp trying to be more demanding that he would actually lose more players than he already has. It's much easier to go from being a strict, hard-nosed coach and then easing up than to go from being too easy to wanting to be tougher. It just doesn't work and that's the problem Spurrier would face.

This player said some players ``walk all over'' the Ball Coach and are never reprimanded. This player admitted yelling at him on the sidelines during Sunday's loss to New Orleans. That's hardly a good sign for the direction of this franchise.

We doubt Spurrier will change too much. He just seems like a guy who's analyzing everything he's done, trying to figure out why he's lost so much. And here's the thing: if the Redskins open the season with four straight wins under nice-guy Spurrier, then some players will say that's been a positive factor in their play.

Still, there's no fear when it comes to Spurrier. I was talking to ex-Redskins tight end Donnie Warren last night and he said that the players feared former coach Joe Gibbs, convinced they would get rid of him for one bad thing. He'd occasionally point out a guy in a meeting and tell the player, `Do that again and you're gone.'

No one ever walked all over Gibbs.

. . . One longtime NFL talent evaluator said it's ridiculous that defensive coordinator George Edwards is getting blamed for the falloff of his unit.

``How can you blame the coach for not having a defensive line?'' this person said. ``If you can't stop the run just because of personnel, you're in trouble.''

. . . Left tackle Chris Samuels did not practice Wednesday and is unlikely to play. He's listed as doubtful. Brandon Winey, who impressed the Redskins with his performance against New Orleans' end Darren Howard, will start.

. . .Receiver Darnerien McCants has dubbed Sunday's game, `The Toilet Bowl.' That line made him chuckle for about 15 seconds.

. . . The Redskins made another move on their offensive line, placing newly-signed Kenyatta Jones on injured reserve and signing Daryl Terrell. We're not sure, but we think there's nothing bad in Terrell's past. That alone represents a positive change when it comes to recent Redskins signings.

. . . It was cold in Ashburn today, but Spurrier knows where it will be even colder this winter: Lincoln, Neb. And that's why he'll never be the coach there, despite some wild reports about him being there last night (I talked to him at Redskins Park yesterday around 3:30 p.m.).

``This is as far north as I'll ever coach,'' Spurrier said today

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