Ramsey Update & More: Thursday

It's growing less likely by the day that quarterback Patrick Ramsey will return this season. At least that's how it appears now, one day after he re-aggravated the old fracture in his right foot just by dropping back in practice.

And it seems to have done enough to make Ramsey think twice about playing again. Before now he'd been upbeat about his chances of returning. Now reality seems to have set in. If he can't make it through a practice, what will happen in a game?

Also, Ramsey admitted he can't push off his foot, forcing him to find another way to throw the ball. By compensating for the foot injury, Ramsey could hurt other parts of his body.

``That's a very valid concern,'' he said. ``Just because my shoulder could get sore, my back could get sore. I'm torquing my body a lot harder than I would be. I'm not throwing as smoothly as I would be if I was able to push and transfer that momentum. I'm throwing a little jerkier than I used to because I have to. That's the only way I can get the ball out.''

Though he likely won't play this weekend, the Redskins won't rule him out for the remaining games.

``The doctors say he can't hurt it [worse],'' Redskins coach Steve Spurrier said. ``We'll see how it feels as we go through the end of the year. Patrick wants to play so we'll just go week by week.''

. . . More from the is-Spurrier-too-nice file: One player, when asked if there was enough discipline at Redskins Park, said, ``You can see what happens here. I don't need to tell you that.''

. . . For what it's worth: Brandon Winey has a strong Cajun accent, making him sound a little like the character in Forrest Gump, the one named Bubba. And, yes, like others from that region, Winey loves his Cajun food. Alas, he can't find the right spices in this area to satisfy him.

. . . Quarterback Tim Hasselbeck and his wife, Elisabeth, were a little embarrassed by how much airtime she received during the broadcast last week. The Redskins were too. So they're not giving out her seat location in the Meadowlands this week, preventing a repeat. Then again, after a while, she might be a heck of a lot better to look at.

. . . Receiver Darnerien McCants has a name for this week's game matching two 4-8 teams: ``The Toilet Bowl.'' Made him laugh for about 10 seconds.

. . . Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington remains silent when it comes to the media, but he seems to be in a better mood lately. Maybe it's because he no longer has to answer questions from us. That couldn't be true, could it? Thing is, others in the locker room have noticed the way he's behaved this season and don't like that he isn't willing to take the heat. Being a stand-up guy is important to players. It's one thing if Arrington had been treated unfairly, but he hadn't been -- one player said if he had played in New York, he'd have been ripped big-time for his gaffes earlier this season. Still can't figure this one out. But, considering there's only four games left and the Redskins again will be home for the playoffs, not sure I really care either.

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