Redskins Report: Tuesday

The day, or at least part of it, belonged to Bruce Smith on Sunday when he set the NFL's all-time record for sacks. Even if the record wasn't kept until 1982, the players recognized, if nothing else, it was a great career achievement.

But they also recognize it's about time Smith exited the NFL. His time here hasn't gone as well as anyone had hoped and he's become someone that some players don't like.

``They realize he's selfish,'' one Redskins official said.

And this official agreed that the Redskins will be better off when Smith retires. He also agreed that owner Dan Snyder made a mistake in allowing Smith to have an open path to his office. There's no better way to undermine your coach than to allow players to complain about anything to you.

It's a sad way for Smith to leave. But it's not going to tarnish his career.

The problem is: Washington still doesn't have anyone much better than the 40-year-old Smith at end.

. . . This same official said he'd like to see the Redskins have linebacker LaVar Arrington think less on the field by limiting his role. Use him the same way New England uses Mike Vrabel. Let Arrington line up on the edge, rush or drop into coverage. But don't ask him to cover a particular player. That's asking for trouble.

We'll see if this happens. Of course, it helps Vrabel that New England has Richard Seymour along the line. The Redskins don't have anyone close to him.

. . . Then again, they might have Daryl Gardener back next year, according to rumors and published reports. Gardener is in trouble in Denver and could be cut after the season. Word is he'll sign here or in Cincinnati. Thing is, one Redskins employee, who helped coddle Gardener, said the only other coach in the building who could handle Gardener last year was Marvin Lewis. This person made a get-real look when asked if George Edwards could handle him. If he can't then Gardener could be a bigger problem than he's worth.

. . . Running back Trung Canidate said he's day to day with his left foot injury. He twisted an ankle and his foot. Canidate was just starting to recover from a high right ankle sprain when this latest injury occured.

But don't forget: Chad Morton had great success running against Dallas in the first game until he got hurt. And with the Cowboys built on speed, it would be wise to use a power back like Rock Cartwright more this week.

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