Ask Matt Bowen

I'm ready for Dallas. I hope you are. We haven't given up on this season so you shouldn't either. Everyone is still fighting and wants to win

From: Peter
Q: Hey buddy keep doing a great job, you are the sparkplug for that secondary and you have done your job well all year. Man I hope we can get the ship righted quick. Keep the guys up and hungry and hopefully some good things will happen. Thanks a lot Matt and stay healthy.

A: Thanks. We'll keep fighting.

From: Unnamed
Q: With the string of hard losses that this team has had, it would be understandable of any team to start to cave. However, I haven't heard any of the usual signs that accompany such a collapse. What is your feeling on how the team is reacting to the bad streach that you are in? Are they jumping ship and giving up or do you sense something different?

A: We've stayed together as a team. We're not where we want to be, but we're at the point where we can't change the past. We just go on, try and play our best, win some games so we can feel good going into the offseason. On some teams in the league you see finger pointing. But we know we're all responsible and we all have to get better.

From: Unnamed
Q: Would you agree that if the Redskins re-sign Bailey and add a pass rushing lineman or two that they could have a great defense?

A: Re-signing Champ is a good idea. He's one of the best players I've ever played with, up there with Marshall Faulk and Brett Favre as a complete player and a good guy to have around the locker room.

From: Diehard in California
Q: First I just want to say that I really enjoy watching how you play the game. My question is, do you believe that if this REDSKINS team can stay mostly intact over the off season that it will benefit the team? Thank you for your time.

A: You go by positions, like keeping the linebackers intact, keeping the secondary intact. You get used to playing with each other. It's like Ifeay and i. We complement each other well as do Fred and Champ. When keep guys together you grow as a group and play better.

From: Unnamed
Q: Would you rather intercept a pass for a TD or knock the snot out of somebody, cause a fumble and have a teamate recover for a TD?

A: Good question. It depends who it was. If it was Ifeay, I'd take it away from him when he's running into the end zone. But, nah, as long as you get points it doesn't matter.

From: Neal Shaffer
Q: Why is it that no matter how hard I look I can't seem to find anywhere to purchase a #41 Bowen jersey?

A: That's an even better question. I have no idea.

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