Ten thoughts on the Redskins

1. The Redskins never were built for great success this year. Not when the defensive line is not only built on spare parts, but junk ones at that. Teams don't give away good defensive linemen. The Redskins were like a baseball team trying to build a pitching staff with a bunch of No. 5 pitchers.

2. This franchise is an insult to anyone with football intelligence. They trot out this defensive line, then try to blame the coaches for the defense not playing better. Come on.

3. If I'm Champ Bailey, I leave. There's no guarantee that any team will win. So you need to pick the right organization, one with a proven track record. This isn't the one.

4. I'd hate to see Bailey leave. I've never seen him mistreat a reporter, or anyone else at Redskins Park for that matter. I've seen him surrounded by groups of reporters, who keep him for five minutes. A couple minutes later another group arrives and he answers the same questions. Then a third group corners him elsewhere and he answers all their questions. Very patiently, too. Bailey would be a bigger loss than you even realize.

5. Ask yourself this: if you were another owner, would you hire Dan Snyder to make football decisions? Then quit buying that notion ``he just wants to win.'' If that were the case, he'd hire people who could do that. Not one person in power in this organization has proven they win in the NFL, not in their current position.

6. Regan Upshaw hasn't made an impact along the line, but he's not the guy I thought he would be. For some reason I expected a surly guy, maybe because of his reputation for personal fouls. But he's anything but surly. Upshaw is the most upbeat guy in the locker room.

7. A lasting image of this season for me will be this: end Bruce Smith upset because he didn't sack Giants quarterback Kerry Collins -- on a play in which Jessie Armstead did.

8. Fans think reporters don't want to see teams succeed, but they're wrong. I've covered the Redskins for 10 years and have covered just one playoff team. It's much more enjoyable when you know people want to read, and hear, what you have to say. I'm not a Redskins fan, but I've had enough of the drama here. It used to be intriguing, now it's just a cliche.

9. I like the building blocks on offense, starting with the line and the quarterback and the receivers. If they can find a decent running back, tweak the protection schemes and not ask Patrick Ramsey to do so much, then they'll be just fine.

10. I hope the Redskins don't get rid of Jessie Armstead. No one defines warrior more than that guy. One defender told me Monday that if he had to go to battle on a field with one guy, it would be Armstead. I would agree.

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