Redskins Park Update

This isn't the kind of postseason football Champ Bailey wants to play. After making the Pro Bowl for four straight seasons, and missing the playoffs for the past three, Bailey knows that what means more are team achievements.

``I would take wins and championships over this any day, trust me,'' Bailey said.

But he was ecstatic about being named to the Pro Bowl. Starters will be announced during the playoffs.

He doesn't think making another Pro Bowl will do much for his impending free agency.

``I don't think it can hurt me,'' Bailey said. ``But I'm not really concerned with [the contract]. Everyone knows who's the best. I don't think it's a secret anymore. It's not about [the Redskins] recognizing that or not. It's about what they're going to do about it.''

Other corners also will be available in the offseason, like Oakland's Charles Woodson, Baltimore's Chris McAlister and Philadelphia's Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor. That doesn't matter to Bailey.

``I don't feel they're as good as me,'' Bailey said. ``They're good corners and they're capable of doing things. But they don't do what I do.''

. . . Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington also made his third straight Pro Bowl and it made him feel so good he even talked to the media for the first time in nearly two months. Arrington, for reasons mostly unknown, has stopped talking to the local press. Some close to him say it's because he's upset with a lot of things, not the press in general.

But Thursday was a good day for the Redskins linebacker.

``I hate to sound selfish, but I needed it,'' Arrington said. ``It's been a long year and things haven't gone the way they should have. But guys continue to keep pressing on. I want to thank my teammates and fans from the bottom of my heart for voting for me. It's a proud honor. Hopefully I can go there and represent our team well.''

. . . Receiver Laveranues Coles made the team as a first alternate while left tackle Chris Samuels and right guard Randy Thomas were named third alternates. Samuels is the biggest surprise as his play clearly wasn't on a Pro Bowl level even when healthy. Right tackle Jon Jansen had played better this season, by many accounts -- even Samuels said Jansen deserved to go a long time ago.

. . . Redskins coach Steve Spurrier once again tried to clarify his comments regarding assistant coaches. For the record, Spurrier says he hasn't made up his mind, one way or another, about his assistants.

``If there are changes they'd have to occur after the season,'' Spurrier said. ``Whenever the season is over, whatever you have to do differently, that's when you do it. We'll announce that when the time comes, if it does come.''

From what we hear, Spurrier feels as if he's being pushed into a corner with the assistant coaching issue by the front office. And he doesn't like it.

. . . When corner Fred Smoot won the Quarterback Club's award as the Redskin of the Year, it raised a few eyebrows in the local media, which supposedly voted for the award. Of the beat writers, only a couple were asked to vote and none voted for Smoot, who is respected and liked. But, unanimously, the media voted for other players -- Coles and Bailey were the leaders. We'd heard that only Smoot and Bailey showed up for the dinner, forcing those in attendance to perhaps pick one or the other.

That said, Smoot is such a good guy to deal with and has played well despite the injuries that no one will begrudge him this award. Smoot figured Bailey would get the award.

``It's like Michael Jackson and Tito Jackson,'' Smoot said, ``they finally gave Tito some props.''

. . . Redskins tackle Chris Samuels was limited in practice today. There's a good chance Rock Cartwright will start at running back Sunday against Chicago.

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