Ask Matt Bowen

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. I hope we can give you a better Christmas gift next season. Enjoy this column for free this week.

From: GG in Florida
Q: Is it hard for people to buy things for you considering how much you now make?

A: Not at all. It's hard for anyone when you grow up to buy you things. But I still think Santa's going to give me a couple big gifts this year.

From: Unnamed
Q: How excited are you to be playing in your hometown this weekend?

A: I'm real excited. I prepare for every game the same way so it's no different. I'm excited to play in Soldier Field and in the same city that sammy sosa plays in and play against my childhood team. I had to buy about 25 tickets.

From: JW
Q: I've heard you talk about how you're dependent on the numbers on the field. What are you looking at?

A: If the receiver lines up inside the numbers he's probably going to run an outside route. If he's lining up inside, he has room to work outside. If he lines up outside the numbers then its almost always a slant or a six-route, which is a square-in dig route or a post. You need landmarks on the field. When we practiced indoors at Dulles SportsPlex it was impossible to tell because there are no numbers. You can't tell the splits of the receivers. It's like playing blind.

From: Unnamed
Q: What's it like for you knowing you won't make the playoffs?

A: It's different because you know when the season's over. When you're in the playoffs you never know. You might go all the way or you might lose the next week. For us where we're at, we know as of next Saturday at 8:30 p.m. the season's over no matter how well we play the next two games. It's not the one we want, but it's the one we've got now. So you try to win those next two games and get some momentum going into our workouts in the offseason.

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