Historic Proportions

Paul Edinger's kick into a stiff wind at Soldier Field on Sunday assured that the Redskins would finish with a double-digit loss total for just the seventh time in the team's history. Since being a Redskins fan these days is all about wallowing in misery, here's a look back at the previous Dirty Half Dozen:

1961, 1-12-1

Head Coach: Bill McPeak

Quarterback: Norm Snead

Pro Bowl: Dick James, Ray Lemek, Jim Schrader, Bob Toneff

Worst Loss: 53-0 at New York Giants

This team had no wins in its first 13 games and combined with its 10-game winless skein to finish off the last year you had the most miserable streak in Redskin history. They finally stopped the slide with a win against Dallas in the season finale.

1980, 6-10

Head Coach: Jack Pardee

Quarterback: Joe Theismann

Pro Bowl: Mike Nelms, Lemar Parrish

Worst Loss: 24-0 vs. Philadelphia

Pardee's Redskins had been edged by Dallas in the 1979 season finale to get knocked out of the playoffs, so expectations were high. They won just three of their first 13 games before taking its final three to finish with a modicum of respectability, but it wasn't enough to save Pardee's job. There was a terrific benefit to this dismal season as Joe Gibbs was hired to replace Pardee.

1993, 4-12

Head Coach: Richie Petitbon

Quarterbacks: Mary Rypien, Rich Gannon

Pro Bowl: None

Worst Loss: 3-0 vs. New York Jets

Petitbon was promoted to head coach after Gibbs retired and after his Redskins whipped Dallas in the season opener it seemed like the team would continue to roll through the NFL. Such hopes were dashed as six straight losses ensured and Petitbon was out at the end of the season.

1994. 3-13

Head Coach: Norv Turner

Quarterbacks: Heath Shuler, John Friesz

Pro Bowl: Reggie Roby, Ken Harvey

Worst Loss: 34-7 vs. Dallas

Losing streaks of five and seven games made Turner's first year a long one.

1995, 6-10

Head Coach: Turner

Quarterbacks: Gus Frerotte, Shuler

Pro Bowl: Brian Mitchell, Ken Harvey

Worst Loss: 24-3 at Kansas City

Two wins over the eventual Super Bowl champion Cowboys made this, the third straight Redskins season of 10+ losses, a bit easier to bear.

1998, 6-10

Head Coach: Turner

Quarterback: Trent Green

Pro Bowl: Matt Turk

Worst Loss: 45-10 vs. San Francisco

After two straight years of being in playoff contention until the late going, the Redskins started 0-6. They may have been able to recover and climb into the fringe of playoff contention were it not for two gut wrenching losses to Arizona.

(To be sure, some very mediocre and bad teams that might have merited that dubious distinction played just 12 or 14 games, making the 10-loss low water mark harder to obtain.)

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