Spurrier Gone?

There's no surprise that Steve Spurrier is unhappy in Washington -- it's been talked about for months. But it was also assumed, probably by just a few people, that he'd also return for a third season.

Now we're not so sure. In fact, we never were -- and that was before the ESPN report suggesting he was contemplating quitting as coach in Washington. One source close to the situation said the report is ``likely true'' and that things have gotten worse for Spurrier in the past month.

This source said that Spurrier's disenchantment grew and his frustrations mounted. He, along with other assistant coaches, have told people that they now realize this is not how coaches around the league get treated, at least in most places. And they'd like to go somewhere where the situation was more trusting, a trait that's been lacking in their minds at Redskins Park.

Also, Jerri Spurrier has seen her husband's displeasure grow, which is why she would be telling him to walk away from the final $15 million of his contract.

Thing is, this source said if owner Dan Snyder were patient with him, Spurrier might take his two-week trip as a chance to clear his head and possibly increase his desire to return. But if Snyder forces the issue before Spurrier leaves, the chance that he'll return would decrease. Of course, we've always thought that neither side wanted the other and both have looked for a way out.

And keep this in mind if Dave Wannstedt gets fired: Ron Wolf is a consultant to the franchise and he said two years ago that the one coach he always wanted to hire was Spurrier. Stay tuned.

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