Pros and Cons

Sometime within the next week, someone will be offered the job of head coach of the Washington Redskins. If he does like many of us do when it comes time to make a major decision, he'll want to write down the reasons why he should accept the job and reasons why he shouldn't so that he can compare them side by side. Perhaps he'll take two sheets of paper, write "Pro" on top of one and "Con" at the top of the other.

Here is what might be found on that potential coach's legal pad:

Pro: The team is not that far away from being a contender. Good young QB, solid offensive line, some studs in the defensive back seven. Cobble together a defensive line through free agency and the draft, bring in a decent running back and, bingo, you've in playoff contention. A couple of good drafts and I'm raising the Lombardi.

Con: The couple of good drafts would have to come from Cerrato and Snyder. I'll be on a chopper to some shindig at FedEx while they're in the war room. They're OK in the first round but forget about stealing a starter after that.

Pro: Win in DC and you're the toast of the town. I'll get standing ovations in restaurants, Kornheiser and Wilbon will fawn over me both in print and on the air, I'll be on the A List for state dinners at the White House and all of those soirées on Capitol Hill.

Con: The place I'll actually have to live is the outer Virginia suburbs, a 24/7 traffic jam composed of pocket-protector wearing tekkies, insufferable yuppies, low-level government bureaucrats who can't afford to live any closer to town, suspected terrorists, and country bumpkins.

Pro: Snyder is willing to spend money and has a pile of cash sitting around to sign free agents and to re-up the guys I want to keep. And, I won't get outbid for any assistant coaches.

Con: Will those players and coaches be here because they want to be or will they be here for the money?

Pro: FedEx Field is the biggest building in the league. When I get this team on a roll, it'll be the noisiest outdoor place there is.

Con: It does seem like an awful lot of tickets wind up in the hands of Philly, Dallas, and Giants fans when those teams are there. Have a middling season and it can seem like you're playing 10 road games.

Pro: Snyder's talking about bringing Bruce Allen on board to run the personnel aspect of the team. It looks like he's serious about brining on a GM.

Con: Yeah, right. Spurrier fell for the "we-almost-have-Beathard" thing when he took the bait a couple of years ago.

Pro: OK, Redskins Park is a zoo, but I can handle it. I'm among the elite in my profession. In fact, I can thrive in it. In fact, I can dominate there.

Con: Redskins Park is a zoo. Period.

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