TheInsiders Corner: Gibbs

Discussions between the Redskins and Gibbs are indeed true and have taken a serious approach. Daniel Snyder has attempted to lure Gibbs back to Washington for no less than three years and the former coach had always been pleasant and appreciative of Snyder's offers, but did not want to coach again.

Snyder has offered Gibbs full control of football matters within the organization. For the Gibbs discussions to get to this point this is critical, but Snyder has not been pressed on this issue, he, from what I have been told made the suggestion to Gibbs.

· Gibbs is said to be somewhat apprehensive, due to Snyder's history with coaches, players, and front office personnel, but also feels he can walk away at any time if the customary Snyder acts up. Gibbs would be doing this on his terms, if he does indeed return to the organization, which as of Tuesday was not etched in stone, but appears promising for the Washington organization and the Redskins fans.

· Additionally, from a source close to Vinny Cerrato, Snyder initiated this with Gibbs once again without his knowledge and let Cerrato in on the possibility after talks had progressed. The proposed move with Gibbs leaves Cerrato is a precarious position, as Gibbs would maintain a position of strength and power within the front office structure. Cerrato has been told he and Gibbs would be on an equal playing field on personnel matters, but Cerrato is not so certain.

· Snyder and/or Cerrato leaked this story to the local Washington media once Snyder and Gibbs reached a point in discussions where Snyder and the Washington organization would look good in their attempts to gain a significant, successful coach, whether Gibbs takes the position or not.

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