Random Thoughts on Joe Gibbs' Return

I wonder when he truly started to think about coming back. From what I've heard, Atlanta management started getting a sense that he wanted to return around Dec. 10. But the Falcons wanted to run through the hiring process before getting to him (making sure they talked to minorities, per NFL guidelines). By the time they could get to him, the Redskins job had opened. Atlanta still talked to him, but they said it was clear his heart was in Washington.

. . . Can Gibbs tarnish his reputation if he doesn't get this team back to where it was? I don't think so. I still think owner Dan Snyder has the most to lose. If this fails, where does he turn?

. . . How ready is he for the NFL grind? In the last few years his sons have taken over the large part of the racing operation, allowing Gibbs to work just a few hours, golf and do motivational speaking. But here's the thing: maybe the guy missed working like that. He's only 63 and knows that he only has a few more years of working like a dog. Maybe this isn't all that complicated.

. . . It'll be nice to have a connection to the past. That's been missing at Redskins Park -- no one from the past worked here, save for receptionist B.J. Blanchard. It's nice to be reminded what this place once was, while having hope for what it might become.

. . . I've never seen anything like today at Redskins Park. In the lobby, the Redskins have set up extra speakers in case the 160-seat room can't accommodate everyone. And there's a real chance that it won't.

. . . Fans have shown up holding signs outside the main entrance (which, by the way, is blocked off with mini orange cones and gates). One fan held up a sign that read: Joe Gibbs=God; Dan Snyder=Genius; Being a Redskins Fan=Priceless.

. . . Don't know whether or not Gibbs will return the Redskins to glory; the team still needs a lot before they get to that point. But I do know there's more buzz around this team than ever before. At least since I've covered the team (starting in 1994).

. . . I can't wait to cover a coach like Gibbs, someone who's a legitimate and successful NFL coach.

. . . Can you imagine how much fun it will be the first time the Redskins play the Cowboys, matching Gibbs and Bill Parcells? Think that'll be a Monday night game?

. . . I wonder when the announcement will come that the Redskins will return to Carlisle, Pa.? From what I hear Dickinson College officials are receptive to the idea.

. . . I love Joe Bugel's enthusiasm. Watching him on TV on Wednesday, I was ready to go play for the guy. It'll be a welcomed change to have a coach like that on this staff.

. . . I wonder if anyone from the old staff will be retained. It would be nice to have someone stick around who knows the players, who knows which players work hard. Maybe Mike Stock is the choice for special teams.

. . . One ex-Redskin said Monte Coleman should call Gibbs about becoming his linebackers coach. Coleman is coaching at a small college in Arkansas. But I hope this doesn't turn into a Redskins reunion tour. Bring in guys who can help, not guys with just ties to the past.

. . . I wonder when training camp starts. Until that day, this area will be like a bunch of little kids waiting for Christmas. Or like an expectant mother waiting for the birth of their child. It can't get here soon enough.

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