Warren: Discipline Won't be an Issue

He remembered the practice being sloppy. He remembered Joe Gibbs ordering the players off the field. And former Redskins tight end Don Warren will always remember what happened next.

As the players sat down in the team meeting room, still in uniform, Gibbs took out an overhead projector -- and put his fist through it. He didn't cuss, but his face was beet red. A few minutes later the Redskins took the field again, not finishing practice until they did things right. They did.

But that's not the only story of what the new Redskins can expect from those who played for Gibbs. No one played longer for Gibbs than Warren, a Redskin from 1979-92.

Warren played in fear under Gibbs.

``We're in a meeting once at summer camp and we had nine tight ends there,'' Warren said. ``He told all of us, `One thing I can put up with are physical mistakes as far as you dropping a pass. But a mental mistake where you miss a cornerback coming on a blitz and he hits our quarterback and he fumbles the ball and we lose or he gets hurt. . . Guess what? You're out of here. You should know that stuff.' And it happened. We had a situation where a guy hits the quarterback, he fumbles. The following Monday -- it was a preseason game -- we come back and that tight end is gone. It starts to make you think.''

Warren doesn't expect the Redskins to ever again use an indoor facility, or complain about not having one.

``There will be snow on the ground and you'll look out the window and see snow on the ground and you'll see that big plow plowing all that snow off the turf,'' Warren said. ``Guess what, boys? You ain't staying in. It's called Redskins weather.''

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