Q&A with Marty Schottenheimer

Redskins Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer

Are you relieved after last week?

Relieved is probably as good a work as any. We were getting a little better each week, and that's the process we're involved with. I supposed that relieved would be a good word. I would not have thought it would  have taken this long to be frank. 

Can you sense some extra spirit?

We had a good practice for a Wednesday. You had some things that you put  in that are a little different every week. Wednesday's the day you work  your way through that. Whether you win or loose in this business, you'd  better keep looking ahead or your going to end up in trouble, and that's what we're trying to do. 

Could you update us on your injuries, do you expect your DE's back?  Yes.

Who might not play? Fred Smoot is questionable and Steven Alexander would be doubtful.

Have you talked to Snyder in the last couple of days?  Yea, I talked to him each of the last few days. 

 Could you tell us what he said? 

 We talked about our football team, that's all. I would not be comfortable  talking about what we discussed. Those are all areas of security.

Do you like the fact that the Giants are struggling on offense, or do you  worry about a break out game? 

 The Giants have been in two very tough and hard fought games. They've  played well enough to win, and in the end they just didn't make plays or have plays against them that put them on the short side of it. In the NFL  that happens all of the time. They're a good football team.

 Is Kent Graham ready to step in?

He's our number two QB. Yea I'd be comfortable putting him in. I don't think he's ready for all of it, but certainly he could step in and given  his experience, and the fact that he's been here over a month, I'd feel comfortable. 

 Did Bank's last game give the team confidence in him? 

 There is no question that Tony has the ability to do that. His history,  he's had at least one game over 400 yards. We're all in the process of  trying to figure out what we do best. What is it he does best. Getting  timing with the receiver. He was 17 for 30, we dropped 4 balls on him. I  thought he played well. The thing I like best about him and our football  team was they stayed the course. They continued to battle and fight. The thing turned for us on Lavar's interception. 

 What is your team doing now that they didn't do early? 

 They understand it better. They have a far better understanding of how we  are trying to do it in terms of the system of offense, defense and the kicking game. the end of transition period, there are always things that  happen that you don't really anticipate. They're becoming more comfortable and confident in what they're doing, because they understand it better. 

 Is the result more receptive as far as what you're trying to get across?

They are real receptive to what we've tried to get done throughout the season. We haven't been able you do those things, that we would like to  be able to do. 

 Does Metcalf play this week? 

 It's probable yes.

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