Lavar Arrington talks ...

Washington Redskins Linebacker Lavar Arrington

Why is it that after your knee injury you have played your best ball? 

 I don't know. I felt like I needed to have a good game. I rushed myself  to come back for the New York game. maybe it took my focus to another  level, because I needed to concentrate more. I knew athletically I wasn't where I needed to be. 

 How important was it to get the first win out of the way? 

 For our moral we really needed to win. More importantly we needed to win  because it's still early in the season, so it's not a lost cause even  though we lost so many games. It's one of those things that we've just got to keep working. Hopefully it's something we can build on. 

 How bad was it there before the win? 

 I don't know, I don't pay attention. As far as a locker room, we just  concentrate on trying to win a game. if around here means the city, even upstairs from the locker room, I don't know, because I don't pay too much  attention to that. The locker room has always been upbeat. We're trying  to do what we can possibly do to earn some respect for our team. 

 What have you seen from the Giants on film as compared to what you saw  last year? 

 Ron looks a lot more comfortable this year than he did last year. Tiki Barber has improved every single year that he plays. You put that with a solid offensive line. They've got the older guys and the young studs, they're pretty loaded, I think. Differently they just look more comfortable. They expect to win this year as opposed to last years. They  expect to do well.

With the Giants loosing in the last two weeks, how does that change your approach?

We felt like we played them very well the first time. Almost that we  should have come out of that neck of the woods with a win. We're not changing anyway that we're looking at approaching the game just because what happen the last two games. We did well for ourselves, not even looking at anybody else. We've got to maintain that confidence. We're  trying to do a best to win at home against a solid New York Giants  football team.

What do you remember about the game there last year?

Howard Cross. He was the toughest blocking tight end that I ever went up against in my whole career. I went up against a lot of notable tight ends. He was the toughest tight end I went up against. He really had his  way with me when they played us here last year. Stone beat me up pretty good too. I remember being pretty sore after the game.

Did you watch the Monday night game? 

 Yea I watched it.

With their offense struggling inside the red zone like that, do you want a crack at them? 

I'm not looking at it from seeing them play another team. I'm looking at  it from, us playing them well. With the type of weapons they have on that  team, you've got to be careful not to look at them and say they're struggling, because you never know when they can have one of those break  out games. You never want it to be you as the breakout game. We're looking at them as we're expecting to win and we're going to play to win,  that's all you want a player to do. 

 Was your interception return something you were expecting to do for a  while? 

 It was kind of weird how it happened. I thought the guy had it, and I  didn't think I was going to get to it. I got it and I can't describe the feeling you have when you're able to make a difference in a game. that was my first NFL touchdown. It was a real pick me up. It was a great  thing seeing that Penn State won the day before.

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