Tandler's Take: Way

It's right out of Wayne's World.

No way is Dan Snyder ever going to be able to hire an accomplished head coach for his Washington Redskins.


There is no way that Joe Gibbs will ever coach for the Redskins again, or for any other team for that matter.


Even if that happened, there's no way that he could get Buges, Breaux, Rennie Simmons and others from the old band back together.


Finally, even for Gibbs, even for anybody, there's no way—that's no way in the world—that Darrell Green would ever even think about considering taking a position as an assistant coach.


It all makes you wonder what's next. Art Monk and Gary Clark coming out of retirement? Home games in 2004 at RFK Stadium? In Wayne's World—make that Danny's World—all seems possible.

It hasn't even been a week since the Gibbs bolt out of the blue struck the Internet and the airways. Redskins fans have yet to wipe the broad grins off of their faces. The anticipation for the coming season, nine months away, is palpable.

For Gibbs and the rest of the Redskins organization, all of the giddiness has now given way to the hard work ahead. There are still some coaches to be hired (Russ Grimm, no way?). Gibbs and his staff have to get up to speed on the rest of the NFL in addition to what every new coaching staff has to do in terms of getting ready for free agency and the draft. Despite what Gibbs promised his wife, there are certain to be many all-nighters to follow.

What will all of this hard work lead to? Can some of the Redskins' best players take a step up into the NFL elites? Can Gibbs and his staff find perfect roles for some of the team's marginal players and turn them into valuable performers? Can the Redskins make a playoff run in 2004? Will Gibbs and Snyder be hoisting multiple Lombardi Trophies during the five-year terms of Gibbs' contract?

Before you answer, think of the past six days.


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