Spurrier Returns

Early this morning, Redskins Park was greeted by another former coach, one who didn't leave so happily: Steve Spurrier.

From what we hear, Spurrier arrived this morning to pick up some personal belongings and clean out a little more of his old office, one now occupied by Joe Gibbs. Spurrier is said to be genuinely happy that Gibbs returned to the Redskins, telling friends that in private conversations; this place just wasn't a good fit for him.

But we heard that it was a bit awkward when Spurrier was there this morning -- a what-are-you-doing-here feeling permeated. Some people remain very miffed by the manner in which he left, especially compared to Marty Schottenheimer, who gained more respect by how he handled his ending. Spurrier lost much respect by resigning the way he did. Eight days after he stepped down, he still hadn't talked to his personal assistant about the move.

Meanwhile, Spurrier will remain in the area while his son completes his sophomore year of high school in Leesburg.

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