Gibbs Cleans House

It's no surprise that Joe Gibbs opted not to retain any members of Steve Spurrier's old staff. And that includes the front office's favorite coach, Hue Jackson.

As much as I liked Jackson, and as much as I think they need some young guys on the offensive staff, I agree with Gibbs not bringing him back. It's Jackson's fault as much as anyone's.

Jackson liked to visit a bit too much with the front office and often chatted up the owner. That's a no-no for an assistant coach, at least not one who wants to remain on someone's staff. If I'm Gibbs, I'd want no part of someone who already was tight with that side of the building.

The most important thing that's been missing at Redskins Park is trust. If Jackson were on the staff, that problem would have remained. Not because Jackson would have been some kind of tattletale, but because the appearance could be there. Jackson and line coach Kim Helton too often wandered across the building and you simply can't have that.

That's one reason Marty Schottenheimer brought in so many trusted faces when he was here: he understood that in this atmosphere he had to have his guys, people he trusted.

I doubt Gibbs will have the problems that plagued other coaches under owner Dan Snyder, but he needed to erase any potential obstacles. That included Jackson. Let this be said: from what I hear, Steve Spurrier trusted Jackson and didn't think he was a problem. I love Jackson's enthusiasm and I believe that his attention to detail and knowledge of how to put together a game plan could someday make him a head coaching candidate, perhaps at the college level where he's best-suited.

Still, the only coaches I would have considered keeping were special teams coach Mike Stock and secondary coach George Catavolos. Both were respected by their players and both respected the chain of command. For a new coach, that would mean a lot. Especially at Redskins Park.

. . . For what it's worth, no one yet believes the Redskins will be holding training camp at their facility again this summer. They probably won't discuss where camp will be held for another few weeks, once they get past the coaching staff hires and the Senior Bowl. Officials at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., remain receptive to the Redskins' return. We also know Washington has looked hard at William & Mary in the past. Both would likely be in the running, but it's often the coach's call as to where camp will be held. I'd imagine it would be the same with Gibbs.

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