Training Camp to Remain in Ashburn

Training camp is staying in Ashburn, so said Joe Gibbs once again Friday afternoon, ending any speculation that he might want to return to Carlisle, Pa.

``It would take a miracle for us not to be here,'' Gibbs said. ``We'll go look at the other complex [in Loudoun County]. We may adjust some of that. I want to go work out early, work out late, big rest in the middle. We'll probably look at what's available around here. I'm sure right now we'll be here.''

Those who knew Gibbs from before said how much he liked getting away to go to camp. He can't get away in Ashburn, but the advantages are many to staying here.

``I like being away a little bit,'' he said. ``I don't like being too far, but I like being far enough that you don't pick up all the home problems. Or the lightbulbs went off and the wife wants you to come home and change it. I like to be away, but we'll have that too because they'll stay at the complex. I like this because you don't have to move your doctors or move your film. I like this because this complex is secure and you can have practices that are closed. You can relax. I felt at Carlisle you're in the open and it's kind of scary sometimes. I didn't like that.''

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