Q&A with: Darrell Green

Redskins safety Sam Shade said he enjoyed pregame introductions the past two weeks. That's because he got to hear the crowd go crazy when Darrell Green was introduced. Green's energy ignited the crowd and the Redskins.

Q: Do you feel you provided a spark Sunday?

A: Yeah and I don't mean that's why we won the game. I understand our fans. I understand what they expect and I understand the partnership and I'm always out there trying to connect with them and help there be a connection with the team. Because it's a new era in football is new faces and coaches and players so there is that and there has to be a connection. There's something about me showing the next group how to relate with our community and fan base and what it takes and what they're looking for. This is a pretty sophisticated fan base.

Q: How do you do that?

A: It's mostly done by action, mostly done by example. We're trying to get out there before the game and generate some enthusiasm. By the same token we've lost many games here and that set a certain expectation, or lack of one, among our fans.

Q: What plays are you making that helps that?

A: Anything. Anything. I'm trying to milk anything I do or we do to generate enthusiasm. People may not make the connection, but it does help the team. When LaVar made the play against Carolina, the fans took it up to another level.

Q: When you make plays on screens or runs, what do you think that does for people?

A: They say, 'Look at that old man go.'

Q: How enjoyable was it to start again?

A: I have to admit that it was really exciting, particularly at home, and then to win both games.

Q: Will it be difficult to go back to being a reserve?

A: No. No. Let the kid get out there. It's very important to me to embrace my role. If you don't embrace it, it always gets you and you can't enjoy it. I learned that last year. It was said that I had a chance to start this year and I'm not so sure that was the case. But it was different this year. Last year [the role] was clear-cut and I felt good about what we were trying to do and I had a good mindset about it and embraced it. This year as the season started I had to embrace it real quick. I said, 'OK, this is your role to help the team.' That's the way it will have to be. The best thing I can do to help the team is to lock into my role.

Q: What have you thought about Fred's play?

A: For a kid he's having a real good year. He'll be all right. I certainly support him. This is not one of those things, believe me.

Q: You talked about considering a role in the organization after your retirement. What's the update?

A: We've had some conversations, but there's no update. It'll play itself out in time because Dan and I our friends and we do see each other. But [the talks] are very unofficial.

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