Q&A With: Floyd Reese

The Tennessee Titans' GM talks about new Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who once led the Titans to a No. 1 defensive ranking.

Q: What can you tell us about Gregg's defense?

A: It will be very aggressive. It will be very disciplined, hopefully mistake free. He's a very bright guy and an excellent teacher and will accept nothing less than a thousand percent. What you will see are guys who will play with effort that maybe they haven't seen before because of that. Gregg is a very good teacher.

Q: Is he someone who fits his players around his scheme or vice versa?

A: He's been exposed to a couple of different schemes. He was associated with Buddy Ryan and the 46 defense and then with Jeff [Fisher] and Gregg had his own defense that was a combination of all of the above. It all centered around the same thing which is being aggressive. It's not going to be a bend, bend until you break defense. He'll be imaginative. And you've got cover corners as well as anyone. If you have that there's no reason not to be aggressive. I'm sure that's what you'll see.

Q: Where do you see the creativity?

A: One of the things with the 46 defense way back when is that it was a look that other people hadn't seen before. They had to go through the whole learning process of how to pick up blitzes and protect and do those things. As they caught up to it, then the process is to stay one step ahead. That's what Gregg has done. He's been able to blend. When he left here he had the No. 1 defense in the NFL. When he left Buffalo, they were close to the top. And I would expect that at Washington before long they'll have one of the best defenses in the league.

Q: Is one of his strengths the ability to cover up weaknesses?

A: Yeah. He's very interested in personnel. A lot of coaches want good players but they may not be interested in scouting and going to All-Star games and doing filmwork because it is their offseason. We thought that was fine if you had no interest in that. But Gregg does have an interest in it. He may have a little better feel for some of those things that maybe others do. He can look at a middle linebacker and compare it to the other top four or five in the league and know where he is at that position. If he's the 32nd middle linebacker in the league, he can adjust to that, too.

Q: Did you see him becoming this successful as a defensive coach?

A: He grew up with us. We watched him go from a quality control coach. In modern day football clubs have four quality control guys, but he handled that all by himself. Why do that? You learn football. He's a tireless worker. When you saw that you'd say this guy really has a work ethic. He's a very, very bright person. When you visit with him and you're around him you'll realize his IQ is very high. When you throw all of those things together . . . When he took over special teams, we had excellent special teams. From there he took over the linebackers and made them into a good group. Then he took over the defense and by the time he was done they were No. 1 in the NFL. Success has been one of his traits and I'll be shocked if he doesn't have success there. He's along the lines of Bill Belichick. He's very serious about what he does. He'll laug and joke, but when it comes to football he's very, very serious.

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