Is Brunell Worth the Price?

The Redskins now have competition for Mark Brunell. But there's one thing we know for certain about the Redskins under owner Dan Snyder: they get everyone they want. Here's the question: is Brunell worth the price the Redskins might have to pay?

One GM, who saw Brunell play this season, said the 33-year-old quarterback is on the downside of his career. No one would argue that. But how much on the downside?

``It's not a decided downside,'' the GM said. ``Can he still play? Yeah. I thought he was still good a year ago.''

But Brunell has been injured several times in the past few years, with two concussions and a shoulder injury since 2001. The injuries have changed Brunell's style, says the GM. He once ran almost with abandon. Not anymore.

``He's not willing to take hits like he did before,'' the GM said. ``He doesn't want to get hit and he's not a runner like he was before.''

At what price should the Redskins get him? The Jaguars now have several suitors for him. The Jacksonville Times-Union reported that Dallas, San Diego and Miami were also interested.

But a Dallas source doubted that the Cowboys truly were interested, pointing out how Jerry Jones has stated ``a hundred times'' in the last couple months that they won't add a quarterback unless it's a significant upgrade over Quincy Carter. And they don't think Brunell, because of the injuries, qualifies.

San Diego is definitely interested, according to an NFL source. And it makes sense for Miami to be interested in Brunell, too.

Still, the Jaguars now can demand a higher price for the nine-year veteran. Would the Redskins be willing to pay a second-round pick for Brunell? If they do, you don't bring him in as a backup.

Then again, Redskins coach Joe Gibbs is not in this for the long haul and might just want to squeeze a year or two out of Brunell. If you only plan on sticking around for, say, three years then you'd better have a quarterback who can win right now, regardless of the cost. There's also the impact it would have on quarterback Patrick Ramsey; how would he handle this move, especially if he's not the starter?

This GM said Brunell is only worth a third-round pick. But, he added, ``a change of scenery would probably revive him.''

Perhaps that would revive the Redskins, too.

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