New Book Sure To Be A Big Hit With Redskins Fans

If you're one of those Redskins fans who's pumped up over the return of Joe Gibbs (and who isn't?), a new book will let you relive the old Glory Days while you wait for the dawn of the second Gibbs era.

Gut Check: The Complete History of Coach Joe Gibbs' Washington Redskins, by Rich Tandler, recounts the games and events of the Gibbs era and has profiles of every player who took the field for the Redskins during that time. No other book recaptures those great seasons in the detail that Gut Check does.

The book is now available for pre-ordering at, where Redskins fans can also get a sneak peek at the book.

"This is really two books in one," said Tandler, whose other book, The Redskins From A to Z, Volume 1: The Games, was published in 2002. "First, it's a reference book. You'll be able look up virtually anything you want to know about the Skins' players and games during those 11 seasons."

Indeed, Redskins fans will be able to find out all of the facts about those years, both important and trivial:

Who scored the five touchdowns during The Quarter in Super Bowl XXII?
Where did Ernest Byner go to college?
How long was that field goal that Moseley kicked against the Giants?
Who led the team in rushing in 1988?
What number did Jumpy Geathers wear? And did he ever play for the Rams?
But that's not the best part, says the author. "In this book, I wanted to get across the essence of those teams, what they were all about in terms of character," said Tandler.

To accomplish this, Tandler created what the calls a scrapbook of Redskins stories. Interspersed with the game stories are accounts of what was going on at Redskins Park in between games and in between seasons. Of course, all of the major events like retirements and trades are covered, but there's much, much more.

"You can read about what outrageous things Dexter Manley was saying about the upcoming opponent," said Tandler. "Who was hurting and who was coming off of the injured list? Which players were rising up the depth chart, who was falling out of favor and why."

And, of course, there is a heavy dose of Gibbs tales. "Through these anecdotes, I wanted to get across how he handled adversity and his humble nature when the team was on top."

Gut Check is divided into two sections. The Players has basic information on every player who took the field under Joe Gibbs, including:

· Position

· Height and weight

· Years with the Redskins

· College

· Draft round, year, and team

· Other NFL teams he played for

· Jersey number

· Games played for Washington

In addition, for every player who saw more than minimal action for the Redskins, there is a profile, running anywhere from a sentence or two to several paragraphs, giving additional information about the player, anecdotes and special accomplishments, and quotes by and about that player.

It is in the second section, Chronology, that the game accounts and scrapbook articles appear. The game accounts are from Tandler's first book, The Redskins From A to Z, Volume 1: The Games. In addition to the original game stories, which recount all of the key action, the game accounts include:

Records of teams involved
Line score
Scoring summary
Why reprint the Gibbs-era game accounts from the first book, which had such stories of every game the Redskins played from 1937 through 2001? It's a matter of giving people what they want, says Tandler.

"A lot of people—good Redskins fans all—told me that, while they liked the concept of bringing the story of all the games together in one book, they just weren't very interested in what happened with the team in 1949 or 1967," said Tandler. "They wanted to know about John Riggins, not Andy Farkas, Art Monk and not Bones Taylor." In Gut Check, those fans can get just what they want at a price tag that's considerably lower (retail price $11.95) than The Redskins From A to Z.

Redskins fans can take advantage of special offers such as free shipping by ordering at the book's website,

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