Will the Redskins Snag Brunell?

There is no denying the Jacksonville Jaguars will trade veteran quarterback Mark Brunell this off-season, the question of to whom may be in debate, but a deal will be finalized. With numerous teams taking a look at the Jacksonville quarterback, the Washington Redskins are the ring-leader to obtain Brunell and add a stabilizing presence to begin the Joe Gibbs era.

Despite the interest of numerous other teams, such as the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, and New York Giants, the Redskins are solidly the front-runner to secure the services of the 33-year old former All-Pro quarterback.

Sources close to the Jaguars and league source indicate the Redskins and Jaguars are discussing a deal which entails two different scenarios. The first has the Redskins sending a third-round draft selection to the Jaguars for Brunell. A second deal proposes the Redskins sending a fourth and fifth-round draft picks to the Jaguars.

A sticking point towards negotiations is the Redskins are looking towards Brunell as an immediate upgrade at the quarterback position, mainly due to his wealth of experience and success at the professional level. With free-spending owner Daniel Snyder, the team may extend an offer of three-to-four years for salary cap purposes, but indications are the team is looking towards the veteran as a two-year entity to get the team back on the path of competitiveness.

With quarterback Patrick Ramsey completing his second-season in Washington, questions have arisen as to his future with the team, if the Brunell trade is finalized. According to sources close to the Redskins, the team seeks a successful veteran quarterback that can lead the team, while Ramsey has the opportunity to compete and gain experience in a structured offense, something which waned during his two-seasons under the rocky tutelage of former head coach Steve Spurrier.

Rumored discussions between the Redskins and Miami Dolphins regarding Ramsey, according to league sources in South Florida are unwarranted, as the Dolphins continue to monitor the list of available quarterbacks in the attempt to upgrade their questionable quarterback position.

According to sources in the Washington front office, the team has no plans on trading Ramsey, if a veteran quarterback is obtained, but stopped short of saying Ramsey will remain with the team.

"Patrick Ramsey played as well as he could have in a very trying situation last season. He is a very good young talent and we expect him to be with us for a long time," the team source said. "He (Ramsey) showed a lot of promise, we are anxious to see exactly how our quarterback situation plays out."

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