No Deal Imminent

The Redskins still may trade for Denver running back Clinton Portis. But nothing appears imminent; at least that's how it appeared this afternoon. The problem is: these things develop rapidly.

Still, one Redskins official said earlier today that ``nothing was imminent'' when it comes to trade talks with Denver, or anyone else for that matter. The Redskins are trying to trade cornerback Champ Bailey and reported that they would ship him to Denver, along with a second-round pick, for Portis.

It would be an exchange of two players who rank among the best at their position. Both are young, too. The move would enable Washington to land a premier running back. Plus he's relatively inexpensive, allowing them flexibility to sign more players for defense. They could sign a cheaper, but talented, corner in Antoine Winfield and still have money left over to address other needs.

But that doesn't mean this will happen. Bailey's agent, Jack Reale, said it was ``overstating it'' to suggest that he was in fast and furious negotiations with Denver for any deal, as the report suggested. Bailey must agree to a deal with any team the Redskins want to trade with for this move to happen.

Reale has been in contact with several teams, including Denver, regarding the parameters of a deal for Bailey. The Jets, Chicago, Arizona, Houston, Atlanta and Detroit also are very interested in Bailey. It does not appear his contract demands have turned off any other team.

Reale shot down one rumor that suggested Seattle would send Washington Shaun Alexander in exchange for Bailey, saying he had not even talked with the Seahawks. Earlier in the weekend there was some speculation that Detroit would agree to the Redskins' demands, which some teams have called exorbitant. The Redskins apparently wanted Detroit's first-round pick (the sixth overall) and to flip-flop second-round picks. Considering the Lions would get a proven Pro Bowl player, that doesn't seem that high a price to pay.

``It's my understanding that the Redskins are mulling over their options,'' Reale said. ``At such a point in time that they decide what they want to do, the rest of the process will proceed.''

In other words: there's nothing going on. Yet. That doesn't mean something won't change in the ensuing hours, or days.

``I would not think so,'' Reale said, when asked if anything would happen Monday, ``but these things move quickly.''

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