Scouting Report: Cornelius Griffin

Why the Giants let him leave: Simply put they felt they made a mistake in drafting him in the second round.

In hindsight they figure he should have gone around the fourth round. They deemed him an OK player, but not one who should command big dollars. If they could have signed him for much lesser money, they might have. But they weren't distraught at his leaving say Giants sources. In fact, they couldn't believe how much the Redskins gave him.

The Good: Griffin has good size at 6-foot-3 and 300 pounds. He's strong inside and has shown some ability to rush the passer, with 12.5 career sacks. That's not horrible for a tackle, especially with the emphasis on quicker passes, making it harder for tackles to get sacks. He does have some talent and is an above-average tackle. In Washington, that makes him a godsend. He can also play end in a pinch. Griffin is considered a hard worker and good locker-room guy.

The Bad: He lacks explosiveness and some wonder whether he can be an effective full-time starter. His best season was his rookie season when he came off the bench and rotated at tackle and end. The Giants reached the Super Bowl that season. He just never lived up to the potential New York thought he had.

The Verdict: Again, like Daniels, not a bad signing though one that didn't need to be so expensive. Thing is, he sounds like another Joe Gibbs type player. Hard worker, clean living, nice guy. The Redskins feel they've found something and I do think he's better than what they had here last season. Time will tell how good he is and maybe a change of venue will help. But I always return to this: teams don't let good linemen go without a fight. The Giants didn't put up any fight. We'll see.

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