Scouting Report: Marcus Washington

Why the Colts let him go: Have you seen Peyton Manning's contract? That's probably the only reason Washington is in Washington. The Colts were telling people they planned to turn their attention to Washington after signing Manning. But the $34.5 million bonus handed to Manning ended those thoughts.

The Good: Washington can help as a pass rusher. He had six sacks this year, which means he's OK as a rusher. He can line up as an end, if needed -- he played end in college and has played there some in the NFL. Also, Washington can play every down and that's a big bonus. Washington is considered a good guy in the locker room, quiet except on the field where he loves to yap. Few apparently did it better in Indy. Washington made big plays for the Colts. He's also well-versed in Cover 2 schemes, something the Redskins will use a little more of this season. Washington is quick and consistent. He's adept at backside pursuit.

The Bad: Washington would make a big play then disappear for the Colts, leaving some to wonder what was up. The Colts always said they were happy with him, however. He's not great in pass coverage, though he did return an interception for a touchdown.

The Verdict: A good signing. Washington allows the Redskins some flexibility with their linebackers because he can line up as an end if needed. This might allow LaVar Arrington to shift to the weakside, where he can make more plays. Washington is considered a good special teams player, too, and will help on these units. A solid player.

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