Unique Redskins Book is Back in Print

The return of Joe Gibbs has spurred the comeback of another Redskins classic.

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The Redskins From A to Z, Volume 1: The Games is being reprinted. This unique book chronicles every game the Redskins played from their arrival in Washington in 1937 through the 2001 season. Fans can find information about buying the book by going to http://www.redskinsatoz.com and clicking on the link at the very top of the page.

Author and publisher Rich Tandler says that the decision to make another print run of the book came directly as result of the rehiring of Joe Gibbs as the Redskins' head coach.

"Naturally, with the return of Gibbs there was a tremendous upswing in interest in all aspects of the team, including its history," said Tandler. "All of a sudden people were coming out of the woodwork wanting to know everything they could about the Washington Redskins. Many of them had heard about The Redskins From A to Z, but for whatever reason they hadn't bought it."

For a while, they were out of luck. The first and second printings of the book had sold out and Tandler wasn't planning on printing any more copies anytime soon. That was before the number of requests for the book grew to a point where Tandler couldn't continue to turn them down.

"I was very satisfied with how well the book had done," said Tandler. "I figured that it had run its course and I'd wait a few years before updating and reprinting it. Maybe 2006, perhaps sooner if the Skins made a good playoff run or two. Little did I know that Gibbs would come back and start a whole new wave of interest in the book."

Tandler cautions that those interested in getting their hands on the book had better act soon. The size of the printing run will be limited and the books will be distributed on a first-paid, first-served basis at www.RedskinsAtoZ.com.

Also coming out of Gibbs' return is another book authored by Tandler, Gut Check, The Complete History of Coach Joe Gibbs' Washington Redskins. That work contains all of the game accounts from the first Gibbs era, taken from the pages of The Redskins From A to Z plus profiles of every player who took the field under Gibbs. In addition, interspersed among the game stories are news, notes, and headlines from all of the important—and not so important—happenings of the Gibbs era. Fans can get details of that book at www.GutCheckBook.com.

"If you strictly are interested in the Gibbs era, you should buy Gut Check. You'll find all of the games that Gibbs coached in there pretty much as they appear in A to Z," said Tandler. "If you're interested in the entire history of the team, get both books. You get all of the games from A to Z and get the player profiles and news stories from the 11 Gibbs seasons from Gut Check."

There is only one group of Redskins fans that Tandler does not want to buy the reprint of The Redskins From A to Z—those who already own the book from its earlier printings. It's not an update. It still contains "just" the 925 regular- and post-season games the Washington Redskins played from 1937 through 2001.

The Redskins From A to Z is still the only book that chronicles every game that any sports team, college or pro, has played.

"It was unique when it came out," said Tandler. "And, as far is I know, there still is nothing like it out there. I've looked, I've asked, I've Googled, and I still haven't found any other book that goes into the detail of every game a team has played."

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