Arrington Makes ``First Move''

He wants the issue resolved -- one way or another. And linebacker LaVar Arrington said he can live with whatever results from his grievance with the Redskins.

``The more I think about it, the more I look around and I really don't want to be anywhere else,'' Arrington said after practice Saturday. ``I really love the fans, that's the whole thing. For $6.5 million, it's not worth my relationship with the fans. I don't want that to be the legacy that I leave.

``I'll let it play itself out. Other than that I haven't really thought about it and I'm ready to reconcile whatever the differences are.''

Arrington contends the Redskins left out a part of his contract that denies him another $6.5 million. The Redskins say that's not the case. Now an arbitrator will decide who's right. Meanwhile, Arrington's relationship with owner Dan Snyder has soured because of this.

Arrington is ready to move on. When asked who should make the first move, when it comes to repairing the relationship, he said, ``I just did.'' In other words, his desire to shed the bitterness, regardless of the result.

``I've had my time to be upset,'' Arrington said. ``It's not going to get me anywhere. The best thing to do and the most mature thing to do is really see where we can go with it. That doesn't mean I'm going to be weak about it. But I'm willing to see what we can resolve so we can get out of this thing.

``It's not broken beyond repair, at least not from my end. Things happen. That's what I'll atttribute that to. Let it be handled and we'll keep it there. I hope and even pray that it's something we can resolve. I'm definitely open. Just get [the hearing] over and done with. I don't see this being beneficial by dragging it out.''

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