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Warpathinsiders.com chatted with Pro Football Weekly draft expert Nolan Nawrocki, who said the Redskins should take the Miami tight end. If he's there. Find out what else he had to say.

WI: OK, let's get the big one out of the way first: who should the Redskins take with the fifth pick?

NN: Kellen Winslow, if he's there. They've got the quarterback and the running back and they've got the receivers. But I'm not sure if Winslow will be there. I've got two guys sitting at the top of my board with a 7.0 rating: Winslow and Robert Gallery. Scouts say Kellen has better body control than most receivers. He'll revolutionize that position and he's better than Tony Gonzalez right now. How do you pass that up? Especially with what Joe Gibbs likes to do at tight end. He would be set.

WI: What about Sean Taylor?

NN: He's a possibility if Winslow is gone.

WI: Are you guessing that they'll take Winslow or are you hearing that?

NN: A little of both. It's based on instincts and sources.

WI: Taylor didn't run a very good 40 at the combine. Will that hurt him?

NN: He just wasn't in great shape, but scouts will go off his game tape. I don't think it hurt him and he plays a lot faster than he timed. I'm not concerned and the scouts I talked to aren't concerned. You get Sean in an NFL program and he'll be a Pro Bowl player. One person who coached Ronnie Lott said Taylor is better than Lott.

WI: Who would fit here better?

NN: With the Redskins' needs, both would be great fits. They're difference makers.

WI: What about a trade?

NN: I haven't heard anything about them trading. I don't see them doing that. I just know the way they've operated with getting veterans. I don't know if they would want more picks. I don't see them moving.

WI: What positions might offer quality in the fifth round?

NN: The greatest depth is at receiver. There will be some good players chosen early in the second day of the draft. It's also good for defensive tackles and quarterbacks. I don't think Hasselbeck or Hamdan are good No. 3s.

WI: Some have suggested Kellen has an attitude problem. What do you think and if so will it hurt him?

NN: He's a good kid and his attitude won't hurt him at all. He's been in the limelight all his life. Kellen is super-grounded, works hard and goes with high intensity. He rallies people.

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