Warpath Draft Report

Despite the Redskins' denials, we hear they're still talking with the Oakland Raiders about trading up in the draft. But much of it depends on what San Diego does with the first pick.

From what our draft experts tell us, if the Chargers, or whomever they trade with, select Iowa tackle Robert Gallery, then the Redskins would stay put at No. 5. But if Gallery is available with the second pick, then Washington would try like heck to move up, using Chris Samuels as bait.

However, we hear there's no way the Redskins would simply give up a Pro Bowl left tackle to move up three spots. It's likely that more would come back their way, though we're not sure if it would involve extra picks or a player.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder has talked several times with Oakland's Mike Lombardi about a possible move. And yes it stems from Samuels' lack of desire to redo his contract to help with cap relief -- now and in the future.

Of course, if the Redskins pick a left tackle in the first round it does not help them this season. They already were fine there with Samuels, though he was coming off his worst season. His confidence was dented this season and some think he needs a strong guard next to him, like he had when he first came to Washington with Keith Sims and then Dave Szott.

But if the Redskins pick Gallery it's a clear signal that perhaps they understand that you can't get everything you need in one offseason. They've got the coach. They'll build with who he wants. In Gallery, they'd get a high-character player with potential to be the best at his position (much like Samuels was considered when he was drafted).

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