Scouting report: Miami Safety Sean Taylor

<b>Strengths: </b> Versatile safety, can play near the line of scrimmage to stop the run; has enough speed to cover. Can also line up one-on-one in the slot. Big-time playmaker who has been compared to Dallas' Roy Williams. Has more speed, but is not as consistent a tackler as Williams.

Weaknesses: Will need to work on his tackling. Lacked consistency in that area in college. Safeties can't get away with relying on jarring hits in the NFL. Also, some have questioned the crowd Taylor runs with.

The case for: They need defensive playmakers. Right now, only LaVar Arrington qualifies and he doesn't make enough plays to always change games. Because the Redskins plan to blitz more, they'd better have a headhunter or two in the secondary. They don't have that now. Matt Bowen is OK, but he'd do better alongside someone such as Taylor. If you're going to blitz, you'd better have two safeties with speed. They don't have that right now. Also, if there's no rush, you need more players who can cover. Taylor gives them that person. In Gregg Williams' scheme, he loves using safeties in different ways. Taylor would afford him that luxury.

Some might say not to draft a safety that high, but here's the thing: you draft impact players at No. 5. Taylor is such a player.

The case against: Because they might fall in love with someone else. Taylor's supposed crowd could be a turnoff, though it won't keep him from dropping far, if at all. But will the Redskins want to gamble on that aspect of his character when they're already doing so with Clinton Portis?

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