Scouting Report: Miami TE Kellen Winslow, Jr.

<b> Strengths:</b> Has the size to make tough inside catches, walling off linebackers, and the speed to scare safeties. Few players are as intense as Winslow and it's no act.

Those who know him from his stint with Miami say he's equally intense in his approach to the game. They call him grounded and say he's not relying on his name to make it in the NFL. He's also capable of being an excellent blocker, making him a strong H-back candidate.

Weaknesses: He can be a bit brash, which is not always universally received. Actually, it turns some people off. Also, his blocking could be more consistent. But that shouldn't be a problem once he's in the NFL, where the demands on him will be greater. For all his hype this past season, Winslow didn't put up huge numbers, catching just one touchdown pass.

Why the Redskins should draft him: They'd have playmakers all over the place on offense. Imagine a lineup with Laveranues Coles, Clinton Portis and Winslow. That would enable Washington to fully spread the field, with weapons coming from different angles. Winslow's ability to occupy safeties would mean less double teams for Coles. Many scouts say Winslow could soon become the NFL's best tight end. So this would be a chance to grab a guy who could become the best at his position. Don't view him as a tight end; view him as a potential playmaker.

Why they shouldn't: Because they have more pressing needs on defense. They have one sort-of playmaker in LaVar Arrington on defense and could use another person capable of making plays. If they draft Winslow, the offense would be stacked, but the defense would lack the personnel to be anything other than mediocre. Then again, if this is a three-year project, they should simply draft the best guy and continue building the best roster they can.

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