Scouting Report: Oklahoma DT Tommie Harris

<b> Strengths: </b> Great quickness and strength. Able to slip past double teams and make plays. Excellent athlete: agile, great balance. Plays hurt.

Weaknesses: Only weighs 292 pounds, which could limit him in the NFL unless he improves other parts of his game. He has the quickness, but the knock on him is consistency. But others say no tackle in the NFL is consistent on every down, either. He'll have to add to his pass-rushing repertoire to be effective.

Why the Redskins should draft him: Because their line stinks. OK, it's better than last year, but it still lacks a playmaker. Cornelius Griffin is merely an adequate player, one his previous team (the Giants) was happy to sign a big contract elsewhere. Phillip Daniels is like Renaldo Wynn: a true professional, but not very productive anymore. Harris could help by playing both inside and on the edge, providing the versatility that coordinator Gregg Williams likes. Also, if they don't get some help up front they'll have to rely on blitzes to pressure quarterbacks. That's a dangerous way to live.

Why the Redskins shouldn't draft him: Because they need someone bigger to plug the middle, especially in the NFC East where the run, and stopping it, always becomes important in December. And because there's doubt about whether or not he'll be a good player in the NFL. Some have labeled him a hit or miss kind of guy. And there could be others capable of making a bigger impact. Also, it often takes tackles into their second year to make a real dent. Former Redskins vice president of football operations Joe Mendes often said that the biggest mistakes in the first round usually were defensive tackles. Mainly because so many teams wanted them that they were willing to overlook too many sins to grab them.

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