And the Redskins select . . .

There's no doubt in my mind who the Redskins should pick at No. 5. They need playmakers and all this guy did in college was make plays. In a year or two he could be the best at his position. <br><br> So they should take him: Miami safety Sean Taylor. <br><br> Or they should take him: Miami tight end Kellen Winslow, Jr.

OK, so there is doubt. Because in both cases, should the Redskins take Taylor or Winslow, they would be getting a major playmaker at an area of need. Thing is, I can't decide which one they should take.

For the past few months I've gone back and forth, one week settling on Taylor -- they need defensive playmakers after all. Name one, after LaVar Arrington. And, to be honest, I don't see him making enough plays. At least not enough big ones.

In Gregg Williams' scheme, a versatile safety is of utmost importance. Matt Bowen could be used in that role because of his speed. But Ifeanyi Ohalete is limited because of his speed. Taylor could be to this defense what Roy Williams was to Dallas', a guy who could transform a unit. Taylor can walk up near the line of scrimmage on first downs and cover in the slot on third down. If Williams wants to use lots of looks, what better player to have at safety than Taylor?

Yes, I know his negatives: he doesn't always wrap up on tackles and he goes for the Sportscenter highlight hit too often. But if he keeps intercepting nine or 10 passes a year, that'll more than make up for it. Arrington often does the same, but he doesn't make enough big plays to overshadow his mental lapses. At least not for my liking -- or to many around the league, for that matter.

My biggest concern with Taylor is when I hear people wonder if he runs with the wrong crowd. That kind of stuff eventually could become a problem. But I also know Taylor will be selected in the top 10 regardless of who he hangs with.

So he'd be a smart pick.

And yet . . .

I can't take my mind off Winslow. Here's why: with Winslow, the Redskins would have, at least potentially, one of the most dynamic offenses in the league. Imagine a unit with weapons such as Winslow, Clinton Portis and Laveranues Coles. Instead of having one loaded area on offense (receiver for instance), the weapons would be spread out. Try defending this unit if Portis is split out opposite Coles with Winslow in the middle. Do you dare double anyone?

One of the Redskins' biggest problems last season was Red Zone offense. With Winslow, those problems should vanish. A big target at tight end eliminates much of those worries, especially when paired with a strong ground game.

With Taylor the Redskins would still have holes defensively, namely up front (though one need ended when they signed middle linebacker Michael Barrow, whom I liked watching in New York, Thursday night). With Winslow, the Redskins could have one of the best offenses in the league. Think Kansas City Chiefs. The Redskins building won't be complete in one offseason. Chances are they'll need another strong offseason next year to become true contenders. Why not make one side of the ball as dominant as possible?

Taylor would be a smart pick and I wouldn't say anything bad if the Redskins chose him. Heck, that's the position I played in high school and I'm a huge believer in building on defense. But I can't stop thinking about what the Redskins' offense would be like with Winslow.

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