Q&A With: Chris Cooley

One thing Chris Cooley needs to do: get a new cell phone plan. His phone conked out at his mom's house in Salt Lake City 20 seconds before the Redskins called. Then, while talking to the Washington media, it cut out again. And when he was talking, he sounded as if he were driving through a construction area. Instead, it was just mountains surrounding him.

Q: Did you expect the Redskins to take you?
A: I kind of expected it was a possibility because I made a trip out there and got along with the coaching staff. When Kellen Winslow didn't get drafted by [the Redskins] I knew Washington didn't have a pick, but I still expected something to happen there.

Q: We don't get a lot of art majors here, what's your specialty?
A: Mostly ceramics and a little painting and drawing. I wanted to teach. My study was pretty broad in art.

Q: Talk about your trip out here.
A: I came out three weeks ago and they took me to their facility. It's such a nice place and I met all the coaches. We talked a lot of football stuff and I went to eat dinner with all of the staff. That was amazing to meet all those guys. Then I had breakfast with the offensive staff again.

Q: Did you play offense and defense in college?
A: I came into college as a tight end, then moved to defense because of injuries. But I started as a tight end and learned offense. When I switched back it wasn't too big a transition.

Q: Do you prefer offense to defense?
A: Yeah. I think I'd rather play offense. I'd rather catch the ball. I loved defense, but it's more exciting for me on the offensive side.

Q: How excited are you to play in this offense, considering how much they use the H-back?
A: I can't wait. It's the perfect fit that I would choose for myself. I can't wait to get there and start learning as fast as I can.

Q: What did they tell you about starting?
A: I haven't heard anything about starting or playing time or anything. I hope to learn as much as I can and get a lot better.

Q: The scouting report on you says you have a knack for getting open. How do you do that?
A: For me it's just a feeling to get into a zone. I feel the players around me pretty well. It's just a pretty natural feeling for me to find an open zone.

Q: Did you almost miss the call from the Redskins?
A: Yeah. I was at my mom's house and my cell phone does not work there. Maybe I should get a new service . . . Coach Gibbs called my house and talked to my brother first. My brother didn't know who it was so he put him on hold for a minute. He felt so bad.

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