Q&A With: Mark Wilson

The Redskins' fifth-round pick talked about what he considered his best game (Virginia Tech, USC) and his other love (snowboarding).

Q: What do you think about coming here?
A: I'm to be working with Coach Bugel and now that Coach Gibbs is back with the Redskins I think there will be some exciting things happening.

Q: How familiar are you with Joe Bugel's history here?
A: I'm not that familiar with the Redskins because I'm out here on the West Coast and I had my own football thing going on so on Sundays I rested up. But I know they're a team on the rise and a team with a lot of tradition.

Q: You started 48 games at Cal, how did you develop?
A: I thought I improved each year. I got experience on both sides, at right tackle and left tackle. I can play either side.

Q: What did you do before the combine to get ready?
A: I went to Arizona and did my training at API with a lot of other tackles. I was there with Shawn Andrews, Nat Dorsey, Stacy Andrews. There was a lot of other quality offensive linemen there. That really helped working with them as a motivator that this is the level I had to be at. They have a great weight program there and a nutrionist to help me put on the right kind of weight that I needed. And I just worked as hard as I could.

Q: Do you still snowboard?
A: I haven't been since last year. I didn't want to risk it. I wanted to say I was healthy when I got this phone call. Maybe in a couple years I can go again, but not right now. . . . I do all right out there. I've been doing it since I was in the 8th grade. It really helped me with my balance and it's something I enjoy. We have a mountain an hour away from us called Mount Shasta. A lot of the locals go out there.

Q: Did you get drafted where you thought you would go?
A: I thought it could be anytime on the second day.

Q: Was it hard?
A: No it wasn't that hard. I knew it would come. I was more relieved that it was over than anything.

Q: What position would you prefer?
A: I see myself staying at tackle, but I wouldn't have any problem playing anywhere else.

Q: Which tackle?
A: I think I'll probably play right tackle, but I feel I can play both.

Q: What was the best game of your college career?
A: The Virginia Tech game was one of them. Or the USC game. Those were two memorable games I played in. I went up against Kenechi Udeze.

Q: Any concerns being a Northern California kid adjusting to an East Coast city?
A: No. I went to Cal and it doesn't get much different than that. That really prepared me for just about anything. If you haven't seen it in Berkely, it probably doesn't exist.

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