Bugel gets gifts

The Redskins gave Joe Bugel two things he loves late in the draft: two young offensive linemen he can mold.<br><br>After taking Cal tackle <A HREF=[PlayerNode:749010]>Mark Wilson</A> in the fifth round, the Redskins chose <!--Default For Notre Dame is to ignore-->Notre Dame tackle <A HREF=[PlayerNode:794128]>Jim Molinaro</A> in the sixth round. Both could move inside if need be. Both are players the Redskins hope can develop into solid backups.

The Redskins opted for them rather than finding players at a position of greater need for a simple reason: they didn't think players at those other spots would make the team.

''We're trying to fill out our squad with kids who had a chance,'' Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. ''We took some real young big tackles. We want to give them to Bugel and let him go to work.''

Molinaro only started 14 games at Notre Dame. But that was enough for the Redskins to see things they liked.

''We saw an athlete who could run,'' Gibbs said. ''He ran a 5-flat in the 40 and he's a real big athlete. We felt he fit in well with what we do. And we've had real good luck in the past where we'd pick a Joe Jacoby, give him to Buges and wind up with a Pro Bowl player. We were looking for good young offensive linemen for Joe to work with.''

Of course, if either player develops it would ease a potential loss of tackle Chris Samuels, should he decide not to redo his contract and eventually become too expensive to keep.

But you don't draft eventual replacements in the fifth and sixth rounds. At least not guaranteed replacements anyway.

Also, Gibbs said the Redskins have agreed to deals with eight undrafted free agents. The list will be released tomorrow.

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