Gibbs Eases Coaches Minds

The big question long-term for the Redskins is easy. Can Joe Gibbs and Dan Snyder co-exist? After several months, the answer seems clear.

From what we hear, Gibbs and Snyder have a decent relationship, unlike other coaches who have worked under the Redskins owner. It's clear that Snyder's idolization of Gibbs has allowed the coach to do what he must in building the team. Gibbs knew this coming into this job, which is one reason he wasn't afraid to work for Snyder, despite warnings from others.

Also, Gibbs and the coaching staff know they have the power over the front office. Previous coaching staffs did not like the front office, feeling they worked against them rather than for them. They had a right to be paranoid because the front office would knock them behind their backs. Often.

This staff knows the reputation and they're not enamored of the front office. But they also know they hold the ultimate trump card in Gibbs. With him they know they have the power. Most of the offseason moves were steered by the coaches, not by the front office.

There's little the front office can say about these coaches, even if it starts to go bad. Most of these coaches have a proven track record, one that's positive. No one in the front office can say the same.

Maybe that's why some of the coaches have already noticed something that every other staff got used to: members of the so-called other side of the building walk around with lots of scared looks and don't seem all that happy -- or maybe just scared for their jobs. It's not an unhealthy climate because the coaches don't walk around the same way. They're genuinely excited and enthused for the season. They know it could be special. And they know as long as Gibbs is here, they're in good shape.

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