Mini Camp Report: Saturday

Sean Taylor might not want to shave for a while. Not after his experience with shaving cream this afternoon.

During a postpractice interview with a group of reporters, the rookie safety was hit from behind by linebacker LaVar Arrington, who snuck up with a platefull of shaving cream and smashed it in his face.

Ha, ha, end of joke, right? Nope. That's because Taylor didn't find it so funny -- he couldn't see and the cream was stinging his eyes.

''I can't see, man,'' Taylor shouted, ''sh--!''

Corner Shawn Springs, among the few player witnesses said, ''He done hurt our big money already.'' Then he cut short his interview to see if Taylor was OK. Trainers came out and splashed water on his face and hustled him into their room, where they took care of the rest.

Taylor left OK. Arrington left feeling a bit awkward, as much as he can that is.

''Why does my prank have to go wrong,'' Arrington said to no one in particular as he left the building, wearing a hat and a smile.

One rumor -- this is what happens in June minicamps -- said Arrington had used a gel, not a cream. Arrington said it was a cream.

''Maybe it was the aloe that got him,'' Arrington said. ''I've had it done to me. . . I thought he was playing at first.''

Taylor wasn't. And now Arrington has told the other rookies he's done with pranks.

. . . Wet weather forced the Redskins to practice on AstroTurf, and that kept defensive tackle Brandon Noble on the sidelines. They don't want to jeopardize his return at all by putting him on such a slick surface, where his knee could get caught.

. . . The Redskins practiced last-minute field goals today -- and the ensuing celebrations. After John Hall and his teammates rushed onto the field to kick a ''last-second'' field goal, they celebrated by jumping up and down and giving each other high-fives.

. . . This is an excellent coaching staff to deal with from a media's perspective. And some of these assistant coaches are high-profile -- Joe Bugel, Gregg Williams, Greg Blache. But one that I love talking to as much as any is quarterbacks coach Jack Burns. He's steady, smart and knows exactly what Joe Gibbs is looking for at that position. Which is what an excellent assistant does.

. . . Williams, by the way, has only seen his family on three different occasions since taking the job in January. His wife and kids remain in Buffalo, though one son has graduated college.

. . . Williams on the offseason: ''This is the best offseason I've been involved with as far as weekly attendance.'' That often makes a big difference. But I've also heard that statement a lot here the past few year

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