Five Questions With: Renaldo Wynn

Renaldo Wynn sits down with for a Q and A.

Q: Who is your toughest opponent?

A: Jon Runyan. Weve been playing against each other since college. HE comes from a blue collar school and so do I. And we played against each other when he was at Tennessee and I was in Jacksonville. The Giants -- their O-line is suspect, but if I know Coughlin he's an offensive guy and he'll get that line fixed.

Q: Who has been your toughest teammate?

A: Shew. We've got a lot of tough guys. To be honest I can't point out one guy, but I think my fellow D-line guys period. Especially guys on the inside. Yout got to be tough to take on those double teams. If you're playing on the inside you're earning your job. You have to be tough as nails. You can't be a wimp. It by default. Those guys inside the linebackers are counting on you.

Q: What do you like to do off the field?

A: A lot of stuff I like to do was taken away when I moved here. I used to Jet Ski. Now I have three Jet Skis sitting around that I can't use now. I used to do a lot of four wheeling. I just found out that guys like Hall and Jermaine Haley, they got about five acres and Randy Thomas. We had a get together at his house the other day and he has a few acres. They got some four wheelers, a few guys out there riding. But mainly I like to hang out with family. Especially in the offseason because you don't have that much time during the season. I spend as much time with family because my daughter doesn't know me during the season.

Q: What's your favorite football moment?

A: I'd have to say probably when we beat Dan Marino 67-10 in a playoff game, the year we went 14-2. That was probably the most perfect game you could play, defensively, offensively, across the board.

Q: Who has been your most influential coach?

A: My high school coach because I wouldn't be here if not for him. Jim Grannon. He's the AD at another high school now, but the reason I say that is when I was a sophomore he talked me into playing football. I was playing basketball. He broke it down into numbers, how many guys get scholarships in basketball. Everyone in Chicago wants to play basketball. I put the numbers together. The probability of me going Division I in basketball wasn't good. But I had that in football. It just took off from there and basketball went into the backburner. And definitely Lou Holtz. He's a heck of a coach and he'll be in the College Hall of Fame someday. He always talks about being great and he's one of the best motivational speakers ever. And he'd always talk about how things carry over in life. He'd always say if you can make it at Notre Dame you can make it anywhere.

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