Mini Camp Report: Sunday

It could be a reality show: When Good Pranks Go Bad. In this case, it was just a moment from a Redskins practice on Saturday. But rookie Sean Taylor had to sit out practice Sunday because his eye was still irritated from when LaVar Arrington smashed shaving cream into his face.

Taylor stood on the sidelines wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes. The Redskins say they expect him back for Wednesday's Organized Team Activity.

Taylor declined comment, telling a TV reporter who asked if he had a second, ''Does it look like I have a second?''

''The prank went bad,'' Arrington said.

. . . Redskins coach Joe Gibbs gave the players the day off from the OTA's on Tuesday, meaning the players have only seven more workouts before they're done until training camp. The rookies have to wait a few more days, however.

. . . So it's the Dirtbags now, huh? That's what OL coach Joe Bugel is calling his guys, a nickname that could catch on like the Hogs once did. Chris Samuels happened to casually mention it to a reporter Saturday, as if it were nothing that was about to stick. But Bugel, and others, have called the offensive linemen Dirtbags during practice. Or maybe they're shouting at the media on the sideline. Naaah.

Either way, Gibbs isn't too thrilled about the moniker.

''You've got to earn it,'' he said.

. . . Corner Walt Harris is likely to miss a few weeks of training camp, too, because of his left knee injury. Just an aside: I've never been high on him as a player, at least not as a starter. And I'm not sure why they'd sign someone who is damaged goods, unless they view him as a replacement down the line in case Fred Smoot can't be re-signed. Just wondering.

. . . One thing Joe Gibbs won't do is single out guys after a practice. Ask him about a player and he'll answer about him, but ask him who stood out and he won't say. He doesn't want to feel as though he left someone off and I can't blame him for that. Yet some media insist on asking that question every time. Pay attention people.

. . . The more I'm around Laveranues Coles the more I like him as a player. He's just tough. He first hurt his toe in Week 3 last season yet no one knew until late in the year. And he never considered taking time off.

Here's why: ''We were being criticized because we weren't as successful as people expected. I didn't want to be one of the guys who looked like they quit. I was determined to finish the season.''

. . . Another thing about Coles: he's switching from flanker to split end, which means he'll be more stationary along the line as opposed to going in motion as a flanker.

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