What We're Wondering

How much will LaVar Arrington's contract situation be an issue this summer? One person, new to watching the Redskins in practice, wondered if Arrington always moped around in practice. It seems they based their opinion on the last minicamp, when they said Arrington was not as lively as some other players. They also said he jumped offsides three plays in a row.

That said, Arrington doesn't walk around angry -- remember the shaving cream prank, an attempt at humor. So I'm not sure if there was any credence to this observation. Or it might be someone looking closely at him, checking to see for any sign of disgruntlement.

My guess: the contract, and the 6.5 million bucks, will become an issue. Arrington let Marvin Lewis get to him early in the season two years ago, but overcame it. I think he'll overcome this, too.

. . . Who will ever replace Vinny Cerrato. Not that he's going anywhere, but from what we hear the guy who's high on owner Dan Snyder's radar screen when it comes to future GM types is Louis Riddick, a scout for a few years. He's also a former player. Not that anyone but Joe Gibbs will have power during his tenure.

. . . Why the Redskins felt the need to sign another tight end in Fred Baxter. Guess they really want some depth at this position.

. . . If we'll be wrong again about the optimism regarding this team. Many have been burned before by offseason moves. But Joe Gibbs trumps anything done in previous seasons, giving the optimism strong merit. Still don't like the D-line and that will prevent them from being title contenders. This season.

. . . If the players are prepared for a Gibbs training camp. He likes lots of work in pads during camp. Good thing Bruce Smith is gone; he would have hated it. Remember, no one complained more about Marty Schottenheimer's practices than Smith. I can tell you that he was alone in this sentiment, particularly by season's end. By the way, Smith's name is rarely heard out there.

. . . How good this coaching staff will be. Obviously they were good once upon a time. And I think they'll be good again. The coaches I've dealt with have an extreme knowledge of the game and are strong communicators. As I've said before, this is the most like an on-field classroom that I've seen in my 11 years covering this team. There truly is a lot of teaching going on.

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